Early-Stage Alzheimer's Disease Treatment

Early-Stage Alzheimer's Disease Treatment

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Understanding Payer Evidentiary Needs for Alzheimer’s Disease Monoclonal Antibody Treatments
July 14, 2021

Roundtable Objective:
Important progress in clinical research and innovative Alzheimer’s Disease monoclonal antibody (AD mAb) drug development has been made over the last decade, and potentially transformative treatments may be on the horizon. However, the opportunity to treat patients with this new class of therapies will be accompanied by questions related to patient access, treatment costs, and long-term data collection on patient outcomes.

This multistakeholder roundtable explored the issues associated with the use of these AD mAb treatments that are important to the payer communities. Specifically, sessions focused on the broader therapeutic class landscape, how payer groups envision continuing evidence development efforts in a postmarket setting, and ideas for working together to track utilization and patient outcomes. This roundtable did not focus on the approval process or approval requirements for any mAb therapy.

July 14 Meeting Summary

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