Future of Health: Re-Shaping Health and Health Care

Future of Health: Re-Shaping Health and Health Care

The Future of Health (FOH) is a unique collaboration of health care leaders from across the globe -- including hospital executives, policy makers, academics, payers, and senior-level health sector leaders -- committed to sharing and advancing ideas and best practices to address some of the most important challenges facing health care systems today. In 2022, FOH and Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy collaborated to develop findings and key recommendations on a set of pressing issues: ensuring equitable access to care, facilitating care without an address, and building the future of health data. The qualitative research and analysis used to support the development of articles, in conjunction with the annual in-person summit, enabled a synthesis of experiences and perspectives from across the FOH community of leaders.

For 2023, FOH in collaboration with Duke-Margolis will build on this foundation in two new topics: creating learning systems at scale and population-based health care systems. Duke-Margolis, along with the expertise and experience of FOH participants, will conduct a focused review of key themes from peer-reviewed and gray literature, use case examples from FOH participants, and gather feedback through workgroups and an in-person summit. Duke-Margolis will synthesize the above to produce two papers suitable for publicationKeeping with the mission of FOH and Duke-Margolis, we expect the recommendations to span critical steps for both health care leaders and policymakers.

Duke-Margolis Research Team 2023-2024

Jonathan Gonzalez-Smith

Jonathan Gonzalez-Smith, MPAff

Assistant Research Director

Robert Saunders

Robert Saunders, PhD

Senior Research Director, Health Care Transformation
Adjunct Associate Professor
Executive Team Member
Margolis Core Faculty

Montgomery Smith Headshot

Montgomery Smith, MPH

Senior Policy Analyst

Valerie Parker Headshot

Valerie Parker, MS

Policy Research Associate

Cameron Joyce Headshot

Cameron Joyce, MPA

Senior Policy Analyst


Sandra E. Yankah, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Duke-Margolis Research Team 2022-2023

Beth Boyer headshot

Beth Boyer, MPH

Policy Research Associate

Katie Huber

Katie Huber, MPH

Senior Policy Analyst

Advancing the Future of "Care Without an Address": Recommendations from International Health Care Leaders