Exemplary Integrated Pain Management Programs: West Virginia University Center for Integrative Pain Management

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Case Study

Exemplary Integrated Pain Management Programs: West Virginia University Center for Integrative Pain Management



The West Virginia University Center for Integrative Pain Management (WVUCIPM) was established in May 2017 in response to the state’s growing opioid crisis and in recognition of the need for improved care for residents experiencing chronic pain. The Center provides both interventional and integrative pain management services in one building to provide holistic pain care and maximize patients’ function. The WVUCIPM was initiated in direct collaboration with the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs Integrated Pain Management (DVCIPM) program at the Uniformed Services University for Health Sciences. Many of the WVUCIPM’s approaches and tools were adapted from the DVCIPM.

Care Delivery Approach

The WVUCIPM aims to maximize patients’ function and minimize the burden of acute and chronic pain. A variety of providers make up the care team, including physicians and advanced practice providers, chiropractors, social workers, clinical dieticians, movement specialists, and massage therapists. 

Results to Date 

Overall, WVUCIPM patients have reported high satisfaction with the program. The WVUCIPM has grown since its initial implementation with increased patient demand over time.

Challenges with Implementation

The WVUCIPM faced a variety of barriers during program implementation, including general resistance to organizational change, establishing sustainable methods of financing, institutional and regulatory limits on scope of practice, and delivering services to more rural and medically underserved areas of the state. The COVID-19 pandemic has also affected care delivery as in-person visits became limited, but it facilitated the rapid expansion of telemedicine. Program staff have overcome many of these initial barriers by creating a collaborative culture and being flexible with financing and hiring staff to work within certain limits.


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