COVID-19 Response


COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest public health crisis the U.S. has ever faced. The Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy has marshalled its outstanding network of experts to respond to the crisis in real time, guiding Federal and state leaders through this extraordinarily difficult period. Interdisciplinary faculty and researchers from Duke University, Duke Health System and other leading health organizations are collaborating on vital, evidence-based strategies needed now to address the pandemic.

Duke-Margolis has put forward key policy steps leaders must take to respond comprehensively to the COVID-19 pandemic, to reopen the nation successfully, and create a more secure health care system. At the same time, the Center continues its vital mission to educate tomorrow’s health policy leaders, develop and analyze new data, provide timely thought leadership, and engage the greater public through outreach and education.

Contribute Your Solutions 

The Center strives to be collaborative in all aspects of its work, and welcomes expertise and guidance on these rapidly evolving issues. Please reach out to us with additional suggestions for resources and effective policies at - we welcome your input.


Duke-Margolis is grateful for contributions to uphold the Center and its response to COVID-19, enabling rapid development of policy recommendations and implementation of roadmaps for advancing a comprehensive response to the pandemic. Your gift will support efforts such as: policy development and research; education for students, interns, and post-doctoral fellows; and outreach including webinars and events convening experts from across industries and disciplines.

"Duke-Margolis is helping policymakers design effective interventions that will save lives and protect the economy. This is truly the Center’s moment.”

Vincent Price, PhD President, Duke University