Real-World Evidence Collaborative

Real-World Evidence Collaborative

A large amount of patient information is captured at the point-of-care or at the patient-level; this information has been described as real-world data (RWD). Health care stakeholders are enthusiastic to explore whether RWD sources, and the evidence it produces (real-world evidence or RWE), can inform and/or hasten medical product development and labeling. Importantly, RWE informs us about patient and provider choices as well as patient outcomes, which helps us understand whether medical products perform as intended in routine care. Ultimately, RWE may drive learning health systems that benefit patients by enhancing precision, equity, and care impact.

The Duke-Margolis Institute for Health Policy engages stakeholders through the RWE Collaborative to guide high-priority efforts aimed at improving the development and use of RWE. The Collaborative’s strategic work is intended to drive progress in RWE policy and help inform regulatory agencies, including the FDA, and other key stakeholders with a vested interest in informing the present and future of RWE policy. RWD and RWE utilization can improve patient treatment options and outcomes, and the RWE Collaborative strives to be at the forefront of new developments. We are guided by an Advisory Group of leaders that represent medical product developers, data curators, academia, payers, research groups, providers, patient advocates, and others. As of 2024, over 200 individuals from over 40 organizations are engaged. The Duke-Margolis RWE team also regularly touches base with independent Observers to further gain expert insights for RWE Collaborative efforts.

Our Team Members

Duke-Margolis has a robust team dedicated to advancing the RWE Collaborative's goals. Team members are based both in our Washington, DC office as well as in Durham, North Carolina. To learn more about the group's efforts, please contact Research Director Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup, DHSc, MSc, MA at

Matthew Matt D'Ambrosio Headshot Photo

Matt D'Ambrosio

Policy Analyst

Nora Emmott Headshot

Nora Emmott, MPH

Senior Policy Analyst

Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup headshot

Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup, DHSc, MSc, MA

Research Director
Senior Team Member

Trevan Locke headshot

Trevan Locke, PhD

Assistant Research Director

Maryam Nafie Headshot

Maryam Nafie

Policy Research Assistant

Valerie Parker Headshot

Valerie Parker, MS

Policy Research Associate


Sandra E. Yankah, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher

White Papers


RWE Collaborative research has culminated in 11 seminal white papers. Each offers expert thought on a burgeoning RWD/E policy area and attempts to build consensus on these topics--setting the stage for further inquiry and policy refinement. For an in-depth look at each of our publications, see our RWE white papers webpage.

Our work has been cited in hundreds of publications, and a comprehensive list is available here--current as of January 2024.

White Papers


Our Work

Educational Opportunities


The RWE Collaborative works diligently to advance Duke University and the Institute's aim to educate, engage, and inform. We are proud to provide programming and partnerships to students, faculty, and any interested stakeholder.

Educational Opportunities

Interns in Real-World Evidence

The RWE team has worked with several undergraduate and graduate interns both full-time during the summer and part-time during the school year. If you are interested in learning more about their projects and/or opportunities to intern with us, please contact Program Coordinator Tiffany Chan at

Margolis Summer Experience

Noah Evenson

2022 Margolis Intern

Margolis Summer Experience

Neha Shaw

2023 Margolis Intern

Margolis Summer Experience

Jieyu Zhang

2023 Margolis Intern



This project is made possible through the generosity of the Margolis Family Foundation, which provides core resources for the Center, as well as a combination of financial and in-kind contributions from collaborative members including AbbVie, Inc.; Amgen, Inc.; Bayer AG; Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH; Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A.; Eli Lilly & Company; Genentech Inc., a member of the Roche Group; Genmab US, Inc.; GSK plc.; Janssen Pharmaceuticals; Merck & Company Inc.; Pfizer, Inc.; Sanofi S.A.; and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Participation of private or non-profit organizations in Center activities does not imply an endorsement by Duke University or associated entities. As part of Duke University, Duke-Margolis honors the tradition of academic independence on the part of its faculty and scholars. Neither Duke nor the Margolis Center take partisan positions, but the individual members are free to speak their minds and express their opinions regarding important issues. Duke Margolis adheres to all institutional policies on research independence and conflict of interest.